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Our consignment program works similar to selling a house through a real estate agency:
• You still own your RV.
• We agree upon a target selling price.
• We act as your agent and leverage our national audience and marketing resources.
• You'll get more money consigning your RV than selling it to us outright.

Simply put, our consignment program gets you the most cash with no effort or risk on your part.

Outright Purchase

Need cash for your RV immediately?
While it is always best to take advantage of our consignment program, we understand there are circumstances that may necessitate the need for you to quickly distance yourself from your RV. In this case, we're happy to make an offer to purchase your RV outright.

It's important to note that sometimes we cannot offer an outright purchase due to lack of available space, excessive similar inventory, or the condition or age of your RV.

If you're looking to maximize your return on your RV, our consignment program is the clear choice.

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